YouTube has a new stand-alone app devoted to music, YouTube Music, offering access to YouTube’s massive music library. Jefferson Graham previews on #TalkingTech.

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. – YouTube, the video network, has a new app–and it’s for music lovers.

YouTube Music, out today in the Google Play and Apple iTunes App store, is a stand-alone app spotlighting the massive YouTube music library, with a different twist than what you’ll find on music services like Spotify or Apple Music.

YouTube’s is chock full of music videos, many album cuts, late night TV performances, documentary cuts and live gigs from around the world. YouTube also has deals with the record labels to present complete albums–even if they don’t have videos, for music listening.

YouTube Music is free, or $9.99 as part of YouTube Red, the new monthly subscription program which brings ad-free viewing and listening, and beginning in January, access to original YouTube content. When YouTube announced Red in October, it signaled that a stand-alone music app was in the works.

Red subscribers also get offline access to the songs, and the ability to play music in the background. For instance, they can open the app, start a playlist, and then move onto the answering e-mail or posting to Facebook while listening. On the free version, once you navigate elsewhere, the music stops playing.

YouTube Music offers “a seamless transition from video to audio,” says Manuel Bronstein, a YouTube product manager. “If you want to be closer to the artist, you can watch the live performance, but if you’re in the car, you can listen to audio.”

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