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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Updated: Sunday, December 13, 2015, 9:33 AM

Trees in dreams are often phallic symbols.


I dreamed I was outside of my house at night when I suddenly saw a large black tree trunk whose branches were growing larger and larger overtaking the sky. I ran into the house trying to hide from the tree, but it was growing larger every second. I had to run behind a long grove of hedges and cover my face so the shrubs wouldn’t scratch. I was fearful that the tree was going to find me. Please interpret this dream.

Debbie H., Coronado Island, Calif.

Analysis: More often than not, trees — and especially tree trunks — are phallic symbols. In this view, the tree represents a stifling male presence in your life that is taking over, infringing on your personal space. Perhaps a husband or boyfriend has made you feel overwhelmed and/or trapped in your living arrangement. This reveals why the home does not comfort or protect. Even though the prospect is fearful and you try to hedge the issue and save face, the sad reality is that you wish to branch out beyond the home.


I dreamed that I walked into a fish market and saw that all the workers had black eyes. I asked them what happened and they said that they were closing the fish market because they were robbed. I was about to buy fish, but noticed that all the fish were rotten. The fish looked nasty and black so I walked out. What does this mean?

Sharon Lawson, Brooklyn

Analysis: One thing is clear: If it smells like a fish, it is a fish. As such, there is no more time for denial. Whatever was fishy has become apparent as a rotten stench in the air. The robbery reveals a sense of loss. When an eye — representing the personal pronoun “I” — has been blackened, so has the ego, the sense of self-perception. With this knowledge, now may be the time to walk out.


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