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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes News readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Saturday, March 5, 2016, 10:49 AM

'Sleep paralysis' is a terrifying, and common, phenomenon.Ruslan Dashinsky

‘Sleep paralysis’ is a terrifying, and common, phenomenon.


I dreamed I was in my bed in my bedroom and my left knee and left elbow were locked. No matter how much force and effort I put into it, I couldn’t move them and it was painful trying. The following morning, I expected pain or tenderness in them, but I was fine. What could this possibly mean?

Brandon Woolridge, Manhattan

Analysis: During sleep, for all intents and purposes, we are paralyzed. The eyes move, however, so they may follow the dream. This paralysis is sometimes sensed during light sleep when one is closer to consciousness. In this view, one dreams of not being able to move in bed because this is where one is in actuality. In another view, the dream reveals a lack of flexibility, an unwillingness to bend or change direction. Something may be out of joint in your life.


I recently dreamed that my deceased mother faked her death; she was living down the hall in my apartment building. After spending much money on furniture, she decided to leave without taking her furniture. I was obsessed to get money for her furniture but I couldn’t get into her apartment. I told the landlord I was going to get into that apartment and she better not give that expensive furniture away. When I finally broke down the door, I saw my mother sitting on the couch. She asked me not to tell anyone she was there. What does this mean?

Shelly Kanner, Middle Village, Queens

Analysis: The dream presents a strong sense of loss over the death of your mother, and an angry, indignant need for compensation. In that the death of a mother is often perceived as a betrayal, some children feel they have done something wrong to deserve abandonment. In this view, a sense of guilt is reflected in dreams wherein mothers have faked their deaths and are living somewhere, not wanting anyone to know their whereabouts. The furniture that is desired is symbolic of the need for emotional payback.

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