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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes News readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Sunday, February 21, 2016, 1:47 PM

In dreams, flowers may represent sexual imagery.


My ex dreamt he saw a dead tree on a cliff side. The ocean had stopped mid-wave as if someone flicked a switch and paused time. He saw me sitting naked, shivering and bruised on top of the tree. I was holding a sunflower missing many petals. As he came close to me, time turned on again and the ground cracked and shook from his footsteps which were like hammers breaking up the earth. When I saw him coming I jumped from the tree onto unstable ground. My foot caught in a crack until it opened and I was freed; I plucked the last sunflower petals and whispered ‘He loves me, he loves me not.’ Will we reunite? Please interpret his dream.

Lauren Marie Y., Lexington, Kentucky

Analysis: In that time begins and ends with this guy, we know that he is quite full of himself. But that’s an understatement. Your ex’s sense of self is nothing short of godlike with those powerful feet of his that break up the earth. In a sexual euphemism, he perceives himself as one who makes the earth move. You, however, are perceived as diminished, emotionally stripped bare and clingy, waiting for his return, with your flower no longer intact. At least your ex has the realization that you are on shaky ground. On some level, he wishes you will recognize the inherent danger involved in reuniting with him.


I dreamed my ex suddenly showed up consumed with anger, and shoved a TV all the way through a wall made of glass. Shattered glass on the floor got stuck into my skin. Please decode this dream.

Anita B, Mebane, North Carolina

Analysis: If there was past traumatic abuse, the dream wishes to empower your shattered sense of self. The TV televises-makes publicly known—your ex’s violent nature. The shattered glass replays the breakup. Cut skin symbolizes anger, emotional hardship, and just how much your ex got under your skin.

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