In a push to spur more customer upgrades, wireless giant Verizon is giving away data.

On Thursday, the company announced a promotion offering 2 GB of bonus data every month for every smartphone added or upgraded on their account. Verizon also says the promotion can be combined with other offers.

One key wrinkle: customers will need to be on Verizon’s XL plan — which offers 12 GB of data for $80 a month — or higher to receive the free data upgrade.

The promotion is available to both new and existing customers through January 6.

Verizon is the latest carrier to sweeten its data plan options in the fiercely competitive wireless market. Last month, Sprint renewed its half-price wireless deal, claiming it will cut your phone bill in half if you switch. Meanwhile, T-Mobile introduced the BingeOn program, where streaming certain video apps including Netflix and HBO won’t count against data plans.

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