Twitter emojis may be just the beginning.

When asked during an Ask Me Anything session on Product Hunt about what big changes are in store for the social network, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s seeking more ways for the social network’s users to be more expressive.

“Have to balance that with recency and the speed of Twitter. Always,” says Dorsey.

One of those ways users could potentially express themselves is through emoji. Twitter is reportedly experimenting with emoji as one of several options along with the Like, a heart recently replacing the Favorite as ways to support someone’s tweet.

Dorsey was also asked about Twitter’s monthly active user base, which has drawn scrutiny from Wall Street and contributed to a recent plunge in stock price. On Tuesday, Twitter shares were down 1.9% in afternoon trading.

Dorsey says his priority is “building daily utility,” since it’s the first thing people check to see what’s happening around them. “Everything happening in the world is on Twitter, and I want to make sure everyone can participate!”

The Twitter CEO boasts a busy schedule, also serving in the same role at mobile payments service Square. According to a profile on The Wall Street Journal, Dorsey will start his day at Twitter with a five-hour meeting featuring top executives, then repeats the process at Square starting midday.

When Dorsey does manage to carve out free time, he says he spends it practicing meditation or exercise, or going to dinner with friends. And, yes, Dorsey does sleep.

“I sleep from 11-5a usually,” he says. “Blackout shades help.”

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