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Tech Tip: Move Your Address Book From Outlook to Google


In Outlook’s “Export to a File” box, select your Contacts folder to copy the addresses into a new document that you can then import into another program. Credit The New York Times

Q. How can I transfer the Microsoft Outlook contacts on my Windows 7 computer to my web contacts on Google?

A. In most recent versions of Microsoft Outlook, you just need to export all of your contacts into a new file, and then import that file into your Google Contacts online. To keep the addresses in their proper format, you should export the Outlook contacts as a comma-separated values (.csv) file. The exact steps for exporting the file depends on what version of Outlook you are running.

In Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2013, go to the File menu on the ribbon toolbar, choose Open & Export and then Import/Export. In the next box, choose “Export to a file,” click the Next button and then select “Comma Separated Values.” When asked to select a folder to export from, choose the Contacts folder under your Outlook account name. Follow the steps on screen to export the information to a file on your computer.

Log into your Google account on the web and go to the Contacts screen; one way to get there is to click the square Google Apps menu button on the right side of the Gmail (or Search) screen and click the Contacts icon. When you are on the Contacts screen, click the More button at the top of the window and select Import. In the Import box, click the Choose File button. Next, find the .csv file you previously exported and pull it in. Your Outlook contacts should now be in your Google account.

The exporting steps are similar but not the same in Outlook 2010. In that version of the program, click the File menu in the ribbon and choose Options. In the Options box, click Advanced and in the Export area, click the Export button to start the process of locating your Contacts folder and exporting it as a .csv file. In Outlook 2007, click the File menu, choose Import and Export and proceed from there.

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