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Tech Tip: How Those Wireless Emergency Alerts Find You

Q. When I get an emergency alert on my phone for a certain area, how does the system know I’m in that location? Do these messages count against my monthly limit? A. The Wireless Emergency Alerts system, which allows government ...

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Bits: Daily Report: Tweaks on the Road to Wireless, but No Pyrotechnics From Apple

Photo The new version of the Apple Watch emphasizes fitness and health. Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times Apple’s big annual product event came and went on Wednesday. So much ink has been spilled on the new products already that ...

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Apple Moves Toward a Wireless Future, One Tweak at a Time

Photo Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, discussing the iPhone 7. Credit Beck Diefenbach/Reuters SAN FRANCISCO — During a two-hour product showcase held on Wednesday in one of rock music’s most storied venues, Apple executives signaled that the company was heading ...

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Bits: Daily Report: Highlight of the Apple Hype: Wireless Earbuds

Photo Apple’s annual developers conference in June. The company is set to unveil its new iPhones on Wednesday. Credit Gabrielle Lurie/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images In the last 24 hours, the Apple rumor-and-news-mill has been doing all it can to ...

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Bits Blog: Wireless Start-up Artemis Reaches Deal With Nokia

A little over a year ago, a start-up in San Francisco called Artemis Networks announced a new technology that it said could enable much faster Internet access speeds over wireless networks, which often slow dramatically when too many people use ...

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