Cable titan John Malone is looking to expand his global networking reach.

Liberty Global, the company chaired by Malone, is in talks with U.K. based Cable & Wireless Communications, which delivers pay TV, voice, mobile and broadband connectivity in the Caribbean, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The news outlet cited people familiar with the situation who say the companies are in discussions on a deal that could be worth more than $5 billion. Cable & Wireless has more than 5 million customers across its various operations.

Liberty has more than 27 million customers in 14 countries in the U.K, Europe and Latin America.

“It’s all about global scale. If you want to be a meaningful player in most of any of these media communication businesses, you have to think about it,” Malone told CNBC back in May.

Malone is also attempting a move in the U.S., too. The Federal Communications Commission is considering a $55 billion bid for Charter Communications, which Malone controls through Liberty, for Time Warner Cable.

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