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Princess Charlotte tops list of ‘people who really matter’


Friday, February 5, 2016, 2:36 PM


Princess Charlotte may not be able to talk or walk yet but she outranks the rest of the royals.

Tatler, a British magazine, ranked “People who Really Matter” and the baby came in first.

Not bad considering the 8-month-old can’t really talk or walk.

Fourth in line to the throne, Charlotte has captured hearts with her sweet smile.

Her immediate clan also made the list with her parents, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, coming in second and third, and her brother, Prince George taking fourth place.

The Queen of England took fifth place.

A number of British gentry fill the list. Actor Eddie Redmayne came in 12th. London Mayor Boris Johnson took the 18th slot.

The magazine does not disclose just what goes into these rankings.

Admittedly it does seem curious that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, came in 65th – apparently not “really mattering” anywhere near as much as the baby Charlotte.


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