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Olivier Rousteing was nervous announcing H&M collaboration



Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 7:32 PM

Olivier Rousteing (center) said he was happy Kendall Jenner (left) and Jourdan Dunn (right) were there when he announced Balmain's collaboration with H&M in May.official_dunn via Instagram

Olivier Rousteing (center) said he was happy Kendall Jenner (left) and Jourdan Dunn (right) were there when he announced Balmain’s collaboration with H&M in May.

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing is one of the most prominent fashion designers in the industry, but even he was nervous about announcing Balmain’s forthcoming collaboration with H&M.

Luckily for the French designer, he had models Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner by his side as he made the announcement at May’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

“I really wanted to announce it in Vegas, so I wanted to be there with Jourdan and Kendall,” he said at a press conference in New York on Tuesday. “It was a really amazing moment.

“It was also good to be there with friends because I could grab their arms and say, ‘I’m so nervous!'” he added.

The Billboard Music Awards was a fitting venue for the announcement, as Rousteing considers music to be a major inspiration for fashion.

The creative director even acknowledged at the press conference that the black jacket he was wearing could’ve been right out of Michael Jackson’s closet.

“Michael Jackson sounds right,” he said. “I love the intersection of music and fashion. There was a reason he was called the King of Pop, and yes, I love Michael Jackson.”

Also fitting about May’s announcement was the fact that Jenner and Dunn were on hand, as the two high-end models have teamed up with fellow jaw-dropper Gigi Hadid to lead the new clothing line’s campaign.

“I think we wanted diversity and to show the Balmain world, so it was important to include Kendall and Gigi and Jourdan,” Rousteing said. “I love supermodels because they are talking to many women and I think it’s important to include those types in the campaign now.”

The designer certainly is an expert on clothing, but he now knows a thing or two about being in the buff as well.

He posed naked for the cover of French magazine Tetu earlier this year — an experience he said made him feel “strong and powerful.”

“I felt so good!” he said. “To tell you the truth, doing a cover naked for a magazine is also a good way to feel powerful.

The H&M, Balmain collection released a behind-the-scenes look at its campaign in Monday with a video featuring Kendall Jenner twerking, and it kicked of its runway show on Periscope on Tuesday evening.


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