A robbery suspect surrendered to Houston Police officers after hearing barks he thought were from an actual K-9. Turns out, it was just a resourceful cop thinking on his feet.

HOUSTON — A robbery suspect surrendered to police officers Wednesday after believing one of the officer’s barking was from an actual K-9.

A Good Samaritan first alerted Houston Police Department officers to the suspect when he saw the man break into a home.

Roland Azcuy was working at his repair shop when he saw the break-in. He pulled his pistol, dialed 911, listened to dispatchers and kept watch.

“I said ‘I’m ready to go in,’ ” said Azcuy. “But they told me just to stay back. So, I did that. HPD showed up and they caught (the suspect).”

His actions in helping catch a robber earned praise from Houston police officers.

“This is a perfect example of a concealed handgun owner doing the right thing where nobody gets hurt,” said Officer Orus Baldwin of the Houston Police Department.

The suspect gave up without a fight, in part because he thought police had a trained dog with them.

“One of the officers told (the suspect) he had a K-9 with him,” Azcuy said. “So, (one of the officers) started barking like a dog and the guy hit the ground. He laid down. They handcuffed him and brought him out.”

Baldwin credits his partner for that action.

“It wasn’t me,” Baldwin said. “My partner can pretty well sound like a pretty bad dog. But, anyway, it fooled (the suspect).”

More important to police is the message sent by Azcuy’s actions.

“There’s a lot of publicity about people who are armed and things go wrong,” Baldwin said. “This guy secured the scene until we got here. He had no interest in hurting the burglar or bringing harm to him. He did exactly what he needed to do.”

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