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Muhammad Ali swings at Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim plan


Updated: Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 7:18 PM

Muhammad Ali threw haymakers at Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims from the U.S. on Wednesday.ANDREAS MEIER/REUTERS

Muhammad Ali threw haymakers at Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from the U.S. on Wednesday.

Muhammad Ali is swinging back at Donald Trump for the billionaire’s plan to ban Muslims from the United States.

The legendary boxing champion stung like a bee on the presidential candidate’s prejudiced proposal and defended Islam, he said in a statement.

“I am a Muslim and there is nothing Islamic about killing innocent people in Paris, San Bernardino, or anywhere else in the world,” the 73-year-old fighter said. “True Muslims know that the ruthless violence of so called Islamic Jihadists goes against the very tenets of our religion.”

Ali threw haymakers at terrorists, calling them “misguided murderers” and blaming them for twisting people’s views on Muslims.

The Louisville Lip called out political leaders for allowing the anti-Muslim rhetoric to continue, and asked them to help people understand the religion instead of spreading fear, like Trump has.

On Monday, the billionaire called for “a complete and total shutdown” of all Muslims entering the United States.

Trump and his idea became the scourge of the world, drawing angry reactions from world leaders, New Yorkers, the White House and Republican leaders on Tuesday.

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Tashfeen Malik (L) and Syed Farook attacked a San Bernardino holiday party, killing 14 people after being radicalized and pledging their allegiance to ISIS.


ISIS extremists carried out an organized attack in Paris on November, killing 130 people.


Trump’s fearful call to action came in light of terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris.

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the killers behind the San Bernardino massacre, were radicalized in 2013 and pledged allegiance to ISIS on their Facebook pages. The terrorist attack killed 14 people and injured 21 others at a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center on Dec. 2.

ISIS extremists launched a coordinated attack in Paris on Nov. 13 and killed 130 people.


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