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Mr. Met shows his mean streak in pumpkin


Monday, October 26, 2015, 5:16 PM

Mr. Met has never looked better — or meaner.

Hugh McMahon — who is not only a professional pumpkin carver, but created the very idea of being a professional pumpkin carver — has put a knife into the heart of the Kansas City Royals by creating the ultimate Met mascot: A Halloween tribute to Mr. Met.

Pumpkins are key to this year’s World Series, given that Game 4 will be on Halloween night.

“I’ve done sports logos, but it’s my first Mr. Met — I think it looks pretty good,” said McMahon, who has custom carved for four decades for New York’s botanic gardens, museums, fancy hotels and even Heidi Klum, Neil Patrick Harris and Kim Kardashian.

He does about 300 jobs during October, his busy season. His pumpkiny portrait of Harris will air on the multi-talented star’s NBC show, “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris,” on Tuesday night.

The finished product: Hugh McMahon carved two pumpkins into a menacing Mr. Met and his cap for Saturday’s Halloween Game 4 in the World Series.Frank Posillico/New York Daily News

The Mr. Met orb took about two hours in the Daily News photo studio. McMahon said New Yorkers can get into the spirit of the holiday — and the baseball celebration — by following these five steps:

1. Pick the right pumpkin to suit whatever you design you have in mind. McMahon went with an especially spherical fruit to highlight Mr. Met’s famous roundball head.

2. Draw the outline and details of your plan directly onto the pumpkin in water soluble magic marker.

3. Use the right tools. McMahon makes his shallow cuts with an X-Acto knife, going just into the surface of the pumpkin and flicking away its skin. Later, he’ll use a fruit knife and a clay-shaping tool to create increasingly deeper cuts.

4. Exaggerate your caricature for the season. “It’s hard to make Mr. Met look scary, so I put some mean teeth on him,” McMahon said.

5. Leave the stem alone and cut the hole in the pumpkin from the bottom. It makes it easier to insert the candle or lightbulb.

Hugh McMahon pumpkins are on display at the Chelsea Market through Thanksgiving. He’ll carve a giant pumpkin there on Thursday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Other demonstrations include the W Hotel Union Square, Tuesday and Wednesday, noon; and Brookfield Place, Saturday, noon-3. For info, visit www.hmcmahonpumpkins.com.


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BY Bill Price

October 21, 7:25PM

I’m really hoping the Mets win Wednesday, for obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons. The obvious reasons: I want this series over as soon as possible. Don’t want to have to play another game at Wrigley and face the prospect of facing Arriet…

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