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Mighty Quinn: March 16


Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 9:04 PM

The Mighty One himself.

The Mighty One himself.

Email from Timothy (Honest Tim) Myles, who once found $ 8,000 in cash on the LIRR, and handed it into the lost and found. You would, right?

“Hi, Mighty, I just want to update you to places that I go to that the bartender still provides the Daily News to the customers. In Rockville Centre, at MacArthur Park, Kenny and Diane always have the paper. Brent and Tyler at Churchill’s in RVC also provide the paper. Carol at McQuades in Lynbrook also know what her customers like. Pete B. at Fibber McGee’s also has the hard copy. Lynn F. is now providing the Daily News at Kitty O’Hara’s, Baldwin. (She better, her father was a well known photographer for the DN). Now we have to do something about Herbie at the Wantagh Inn. Herbie does provide the paper but always takes out the page with TV sports schedule to have it behind the bar. That is where the MQ column is located. Happy St. Patrick’s day to all your loyal readers.”

Mighty was waiting on Creighton (-7) on Tuesday and likes Central Michigan on Wednesday. The surplus is 105 sirignanos.

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