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Kylie brings Christmas to the ARIAs

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Kylie and Dannii heat up the X Factor stage

The Minogue sisters perform together on stage for the first time in almost 30 years during the X Factor finale.


If the long red dress – off the shoulder like Disney princess meets disco queen – wasn’t enough of a hint, then the shoes should do it. Chunky, rather high, no doubt worth more than someone else’s entire wardrobe, and mottled green and white with a red pom-pom crowning it.

No, Kylie Minogue is not a South Sydney fan, but she really, really would like you to know that she has a Christmas album out.

Kylie Minogue gets lucky with her first Christmas album.

Kylie Minogue gets lucky with her first Christmas album. Photo: Steven Siewert

Our Kylie? The one-time Impossible Princess, the queen of the gold micro hotpants, she who in song asked a certain gentleman if he would “slow down and dance with me” when you knew that particular dancing wasn’t exactly vertical?


Well it was either a Christmas album or joining the list of singers who discover the Great American Songbook mid-to-late career.

“I thought it was inevitable,” said Minogue who is also here for Thursday’s ARIA Awards and admits that as a child her family didn’t have any favourite albums to play Christmas morning.

Kylie and Dannii Minogue reunite for the Christmas track <i>100 Degrees.</i>

Kylie and Dannii Minogue reunite for the Christmas track 100 Degrees. Photo: Channel Seven

“But 10, 15 years ago when it was first mentioned I was too busy trying to be this, that or the other and I was ‘give me a break, I’m not doing a Christmas album yet’. Now I want to do it.”

Unlike the Australian Christmas-themed, uptown disco-driven 100 Degrees, which she performed with her younger sister, and fellow TV talent show judge, Dannii, on the set of X Factor this week, the album is a bit more traditional. Well, as traditional as you get when you have not just Iggy Pop (who once wore gold pants and nothing more on Australian television) but Frank Sinatra as duet partners.

Another official duty while briefly “home” from her long time residence in the more trad yule-attuned UK, is being part of the elevation of Tina Arena into the ARIA hall of fame at the awards ceremony in Sydney’s Star casino. While Dannii followed in Arena’s footsteps into Young Talent Time, Kylie of course bypassed that show for Neighbours and then what was assumed to be a one-off single, The Loco-Motion, that instead spawned an international career now well into its third decade.

Nonetheless, Minogue, who is a year younger than Arena but was a success in the UK and Europe ten years before her fellow Melbournian, can appreciate one of the struggles Arena confronted. As Arena told Fairfax Media recently, she had to establish herself in Europe before her compatriots could see past her teenage fame and recognise a talent and a world star.

“When I’m working in France or England, if you are an artist, you are an artist and that is important to them and you really feel that,” Minogue said. “I haven’t had to go through the same process I had to here. I’m sure Tina and I could talk about it all night long.”

Maybe at the ARIAs, over eggnog and a Christmas album. If they could lay their hands on one of course.