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Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jennifer Lopez tears her pants


Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 11:30 PM

It's still up for debate whether J.Lo's pants ripped.Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s still up for debate whether J.Lo’s pants ripped.

Hold up, we hear that J.Lo might have suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction during her Las Vegas show. TMZ reported that while she was taking her bow at the end of the show over the weekend, the bootylicious singer ripped her pants. But Hoda saw the photos — and the live show! and isn’t convinced. Sure, Lopez’s costumes are as tight as they are fabulous, but the jury is still out if there was actual bum exposure, or just the beautiful illusion.

HK: Her costumes were skin-tight and you could tell that nothing was jiggling. They are so tight, and you can see everything, but she’s got the perfect body. Seriously, the perfect, perfect body.

KLG: So, did she split her pants?

HK: I looked at the TMZ thing, but I’ll debate. I don’t know if it was split, it’s hard to tell.

KLG: It happens if you have gas.


HK: J.Lo does not have gas! She’s perfect. She has no gas. She has no B.O. Nothing. She’s all hearts, flowers and sequins.

KLG: I had a lot of wardrobe malfunctions when I was doing two shows a night in Vegas.

HK: Wait, what happened?

KLG: They happen a lot. They just do. Especially when you are as energetic as I once was.

HK: Nip slip?

KLG: Your bra comes undone because you’re flopping around. Or a strap breaks. I’ve split the seam down the back of a dress. I used to get very physical.

There's a Bradley Cooper lookalike running around the Sundance Film Festival.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

There’s a Bradley Cooper lookalike running around the Sundance Film Festival.

HK: Wait, what? Does the show go on? What do you do?

KLG: I used to sit in a lot of laps, climb on a lot of tables and I rubbed a lot of bald heads.

HK: Of course you did.

KLG: Sadly, audiences are no longer clamoring for my performances.


Warning: There’s a Bradley Cooper doppelganger running around the Sundance Film Festival. We have no clue what he’s doing or if he’s even still there, but hello, that’s pretty funny.

KLG: If this guy looks just like Bradley Cooper, well, he’s got the world by the tail.

HK: Everyone thinks I’m Gayle King.

KLG: You ARE Gayle King. The two of you have never been in seen in the same place.

HK: I walked through the airport in Chicago and everyone was all, “Hey, Gayle!” And I thought, “Oh Chicagoans have such an interesting way of saying hi to women.” And then one girl goes, “How’s Oprah?” and then it clicked. They were saying, Hi Gayle! And Gayle says that people ask her how Kathie Lee Gifford is all the time.

KLG: People always think I’m Angelina Jolie. It happens every day. And Gisele. It’s really frustrating.


There’s no H in Jon — that’s what Jon Hamm told the Hollywood Foreign Press Association after his misspelled Golden Globe arrived.

HK: Kathie Lee … K-A-T-H-I-E! No Y.

KLG: Kotb is tough, so just call her Hoda Woman.

Hoda Kotb and Gayle King.Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Hoda Kotb and Gayle King.

HK: I’m used to it. If my name is spelled correctly, I want to know who that person is. People don’t look it up. I used to work for a guy named Neal Shapiro. And if someone spelled it incorrectly, he let them know. He was the executive producer of “Dateline” and he wanted people who paid attention to detail.

KLG: It’s funny sometimes when you do a magazine article and they misspell your name.

HK: Did you call me Kotb? Did you say Kotb?


HK: Who cares, I’ll answer to that, too.


An igloo grows in Brooklyn. An intrepid Kings County resident built an ice cave in his backyard, billed as a romantic getaway and posted it on Airbnb. He even offered two candles for ambience, poufy pillows, animal print blankets, a bottle of wine and Usher tracks.

HK: Oh that’s adorable.

KLG: American entrepreneurship at its finest.

HK: $ 200 a night? It’s a bargain.

KLH: Listen, there’s a place in Norway that does this. And it’s fancy!

HK: Yeah, you go in, sleep on blocks of ice, put on your fur coat.

KLG: Depends on who you’re going to snuggle with. I would snuggle with Bambino.

The Balmain clothing line for children will cost you up to $  6,000 for a dress./Balmain

The Balmain clothing line for children will cost you up to $ 6,000 for a dress.


It’s not cheap to enlist your kids in the Balmain army. The French fashion house, a favorite of the Kardashians, Jenners and Hadids, just launched a pint-sized version. Prices range from $ 250 for a T-shirt to $ 6,000 for a dress.

HK: Are people buying this?

KLG: I wouldn’t even spend $ 6,000 on a dress for myself.

HK: They are just going to outgrow it. Or barf on it.

It's the season for sniffling, sneezing and coughing.

It’s the season for sniffling, sneezing and coughing.


Everyone from New York to Florida is sniffling, sneezing or coughing. It’s a little gross.

HK: I give the stink eye when someone is hacking near me. And I don’t even mean to.

KLG: I was in church Sunday night and I was just about to get up I was coughing so much, but because I was in church, within a nanosecond I had 15 tissues in front of me. And a bottle of water.

HK: That’s not happening on the subway.

KLG: Yeah, if you’re going to hack, hack in church.

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