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Kanye West turns up a Idol auditions

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Obama offers words of advice for Kanye

RAW VIDEO: US President Barack Obama pokes fun at rapper Kanye West, says he’s “a guy who I hear has been talking about launching a potential political career.”


It was a big weekend for Kanye West.

In between hanging out with US President Barack Obama and ranting about his daughter going rogue on the iTunes app store, the rapper managed to find time to audition for American Idol.

Kanye West with his 'ticket to Hollywood' after auditioning on <i>American Idol</i>.

Kanye West with his ‘ticket to Hollywood’ after auditioning on American Idol. Photo: Twitter/@AmericanIdol

That’s right, one of the world’s most successful rappers decided to try his luck and audition in front of American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr in San Francisco.


The 38-year-old presidential hopeful was in town with wife Kim Kardashian for an appearance at a Democratic Party fundraiser with Barack Obama on Saturday night.

The next day, he surprised the American Idol judges by auditioning for the long-running talent show with his 2005 track Gold Digger in a rare pared-down performance.

Kanye West took the <i>American Idol</i> audition very seriously.

Kanye West took the American Idol audition very seriously. Photo: Twitter/@AmericanIdol

Gone were the usual backup dancers, flashy stage lighting and obnoxious sunglasses, leaving West looking like any other regular joe hoping for superstardom – aside from the fact his was wearing his own line of Adidas sneakers.

The judges lost their minds when Yeezy strutted in to the familiar audition room unannounced, but the music mogul kept a straight face before launching into his famous track.

Proud wife Kim shared a photo of the shocked judges along with footage of West rapping his heart out as Jennifer Lopez awkwardly shimmied in her seat.

See? West is just a regular guy auditioning for the show with his regular wife.

See? West is just a regular guy auditioning for the show with his regular wife. Photo: Twitter/@AmericanIdol

But did the Grammy Award-winner make it through to the next round? For the sake of the music industry, you’d certainly hope so.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest posted a photo of West smiling goofily after his audition with his ‘golden ticket’ to Hollywood, looking proud as punch to have impressed the American Idol judges whose careers are arguably far inferior to his.

There’s no word on whether West will turn up for the next stage of the show, but if things don’t work out with his record label which he also happened to found, the $US130 million man knows where to go.

But will West make it through to the next round?

But will West make it through to the next round? Photo: Twittre/@AmericanIdol


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