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Ga. man accused of killing teens pets imaginary animal in court

Ga. man accused of killing teens pets imaginary animal in court


Saturday, August 6, 2016, 9:33 AM

The Georgia man accused of killing two teenagers behind a grocery store mumbled to himself and pet an imaginary animal during his first court appearance Friday.

Jeffrey Hazelwood’s hands shook uncontrollably as a Fulton County judge addressed him, WSB-TV reported. He didn’t saw a word to himself but muttered under his breath as he stroked some kind of imaginary creature he held in his lap, video showed.

He faces murder charges in the shooting deaths of Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis. The two 17-year-olds were found dead Monday behind a Publix grocery story in Roswell.


Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20, was seen shaking uncontrollably in court Friday.


“Sad story: two people — two young people — are dead and a young man is charged,” Hazelwood’s attorney, Lawrence Zimmerman, said outside of the courthouse Friday. “We will know more as this goes.”

Suspect charged with murder of two teens behind grocery store

Zimmerman refused to answer questions about Hazelwood’s mental health.

Natalie Henderson

Natalie Henderson

(Facebook) Carter Davis

Carter Davis


Police said Hazelwood shot the two teenagers, who were entering their senior years in high school, in the head. He stole Henderson’s debit card and was spotted on surveillance video using it shortly after the Monday killings, officials said.

On top of the murder charges, Hazelwood faces aggravated assault, theft and financial fraud charges.

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