Stone received a standing ovation as he was promoted to staff sergeant at Travis Air Force Base in Sacramento, California. The former airman first class helped thwart a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train in August.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — French train hero Spencer Stone was promoted to staff sergeant Friday at a ceremony at Travis Air Force Base in Sacramento.

After Stone and two friends received international acclaim for thwarting a terrorist attack on a Paris bound train in August, Air Force Chief of Staff Mark Welsh ordered that Stone be promoted to staff sergeant. The promotion, which took him from airman first class to staff sergeant, officially goes into effect on November 1.

During the three-minute ceremony, Stone was first promoted to senior airman and, a minute later, promoted to staff sergeant.

“It is an honor to be promoted to staff sergeant,” Stone said in a statement provided by the Air Force. “And I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to lead my fellow Airmen. I am ready for the growth and challenges that are ahead of me.”

Stone, 23, is recovering from multiple stab wounds stemming from a late night brawl in Sacramento.

Stone was out with a group of friends on Oct. 8 when they got into a physical altercation. Sacramento police are looking for two Asian men dressed in white t-shirts and blue jeans, who left the scene in dark-colored Toyota Camry.

After a week in the hospital, Stone was released from the University of California Davis Medical Center were he underwent multiple surgeries.

Stone became an international hero when he and two friends – Army Spc. Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Saddler – helped thwart a gunman from killing passengers aboard a French train in August. The gunman stabbed Stone near his carotid artery and nearly cut off his thumb as Stone subdued him.

He was awarded the Purple Heart and Airman’s Medal and received France and Belgium’s highest honors.Stone was promoted in recognition of his humility following all the media exposure.

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