So there’s this big science-fiction movie out Friday, called Star Wars. You may have heard of it.

A few tech companies are jumping on the hype train for Force Awakens, allowing users to express their excitement for the new film in a variety of ways. Here are four of them:A lot of people are very, very excited about the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which picks up following events from the original trilogy of Star Wars films first launching in the late ’70s.

1. Facebook: Add some light to your profile pic

Inspired by the poster featuring actor John Boyega, who plays Finn in Force Awakens, users can update their profile pic to add a lightsaber.

It’s really easy to do: head over to the Star Wars Facebook page, then scroll down until you see a post with a “Try It” button, where you can then change your profile picture. Users hop into a menu where they can resize or adjust their profile pic, then add either a blue or red lightsaber. You can also set how long you want this special profile image to last, from one day or one week to an unlimited time.

2. Spotify: Find your Star Wars match

The streaming music service launched a fun site where users can discover what character they match with based on their musical choices.

Once you head to the special site — — users log in and wait for Spotify to analyze their music and determine the right match, including characters such as Han Solo and Boba Fett. Users can then share their match on Facebook, Twitter, or download the image to share to any social site of their choosing.

3. Twitter: The Force is strong with these emojis

Launched last spring, Twitter introduced several new emojis featuring classic characters from the Star Wars franchise, including veteran droid C-3PO, newcomer BB-8 and vehicles like the TIE Fighter and Millennium Falcon. Just type in the appropriate hashtags (#TIEFighter #XWing #Stormtrooper) to make them appear.

4. Google: Give yourself to the Dark Side.

The search giant recently launched a special Star Wars page where you can customize the look of your Google experience based on whether you choose the Light Side or Dark Side of the Force. It takes some time to switch, but once available, users will see a little Star Wars flavor throughout Google’s services. For example, when loading Gmail, a lightsaber representing the loading bar pops up, and a special Star Wars landscape appears in the background. It works across multiple apps and services including Chrome, Waze and YouTube.

Also, don’t forget what happens when you search “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.”

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