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Chuck D yells ‘F–k Donald Trump,’ but Flavor Flav disagrees


Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10:38 AM

Public Enemy's Chuck D (l.) and Flavor Flav have different takes on Donald Trump.Rick Kern/Getty Images for Samsung

Public Enemy’s Chuck D (l.) and Flavor Flav have different takes on Donald Trump.

The battle that has riven the soul of the Republican Party has now infiltrated one of the greatest rap acts of all time.

Members of Public Enemy are divided on whether to “fight the power” that is Donald Trump — with frontman Chuck D claiming “the country is in turmoil” and his bandmate Flavor Flav insisting we need to “sit back” and trust the system.

Chuck D, a noted Trump dissenter, threw up a middle finger and yelled, “Black lives matter! F–k Donald Trump” onstage at South by Southwest this weekend, Billboard reported Wednesday.

But his trusty hype man had a far less fierce response.

“There’s a lot of people talking a lot of s–t about Trump, but guess what? He’s winning. The man is winning,” Flav said, admitting he wasn’t “really the politician” of the socially conscious hip-hop group.

“I ain’t gonna lie, but listen, the United States has been ran a certain way for decades and decades and decades,” he continued. “You never know: Maybe Trump could possibly do something. Maybe he might step in office and do something. I’m not going to doubt him.”

The rapper-turned-reality star also objected to efforts — presumably by the fast-fracturing GOP itself — to block the bloviating billionaire.

“If this was really, really a foot race, Donald Trump would be the first one to the finish line, but they won’t let him cross it first,” he said. “He’s winning fairly, but they still don’t want him to be President. They’re going to try to block that man from being President.

“If Donald Trump does become President, there’s only one thing we all can do: just sit back and let the man do his job.”

A MARCH 14, 2016, PHOTOChuck Burton/AP

“He’s winning. The man is winning,” Flav said of Trump.

The last time Flav and Trump shared headlines, comedian D.L. Hughley had compared the two larger-than-life presences to each other.

“I swear to God, taking (Trump) seriously in the debate is like Flavor Flav winning the spelling bee,” the Original King of Comedy said on “The View” last August.

It is unclear where Professor Griff — the third member of the seminal “Fear of a Black Planet” group who has long hailed himself as Public Enemy’s Minister of Information — stands on the issue.


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