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Chelsea Handler opens up about love live


Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 2:13 AM

Chelsea Handle appeared on "The Late Late Show" and opened up about her single life. Chelsea Handler / Twitter

Chelsea Handle appeared on “The Late Late Show” and opened up about her single life. 

She’s 40, single and loving it.

Chelsea Handler appeared on Monday’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and said she doesn’t want audiences to feel down about her love life.

“When you turn 40, people start to feel sad for you,” she told the host.

“I mean no one’s celebrating the fact that I’m single and celebrating my life. Hashtag great time,” she added, admitting she’s still new to understanding her social media reference.

And, the “Chelsea Does” star further admitted she isn’t in any rush to find her soulmate.

“I’ll find someone when I’m ready to find them,” she said.

At the moment though, the comedian revealed she’s fine with “sleeping around” instead of dating, calling herself a “fun girl.”

But, that doesn’t mean the funny lady won’t give fellas a chance.

In fact, the 40-year-old shared a recent dating disaster with a London man, who couldn’t stop talking about the Burning Man festival.

“This guy kept talking about it and I was just so bored,” she recalled.

Handler ended the night early and disappointed at 11:30 but her date remained somewhat determined.

“He texts me and he texts me “you did good” like I’m the one auditioning!” she shared to a shocked audience.

Audiences remained entertained as Handler participated in Corden’s game “Spill you guts or fill yours guts,” where she continued to joke about her sex life.

When asked about her sex face, the actress put her head back and proclaimed “O, Oprah!”

And, she wasn’t shy to spill intimate details when asked about her ex boyfriend, 50 Cent, in bed.

“You’re like is that going to get bigger and than it does,” she explained, holding up a large napkin to mirror her former beau’s morning erection.

It was a jam-packed night for the show’s host, who was just returning from Monday’s Grammys, and opened his show with a hilarious skit with Justin Bieber.

Earlier in the night, Corden also dished on Rihanna missing her highly anticipated performance due to sickness.

The 37-year-old host shared he was supposed to introduce Rihanna in a ‘80s themed performance, where he would play an old-time TV host.

“Yes I hear what you’re saying, I’ll do it,” he joked he told show producers after learning of Rihanna’s absence.

Corden praised the award show’s host LL Cool J, who allowed him to still have a part of the star-studded night by introducing Lionel Richie’s tribute.


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