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Bits Daily Report: The Blurry Lines of Tech and Media



There’s already been a lot of discussion this week about the tech industry’s relationship with the media. It didn’t start this week — this is a decades-old topic at this point — and it won’t end this week, either.

The tech industry’s incursion into the world of media has, of course, put financial pressure on traditional media companies. Shares in media companies plunged last week, and Viacom on Thursday said its overall revenue fell 5 percent, more than expected, in the face of a changing advertising market.

The digital “transition has now taken hold across the industry,” Philippe P. Dauman, chief executive of Viacom, said during a conference call, “creating disruption, but also spurring action and real momentum towards solution.”

Somehow, though, the overlaps have seemed particularly glaring this week. And on Thursday, Microsoft even released a long argument about technology-surveillance reform that looked a lot like an article you might read on Medium. And speaking of Medium, is it a tech company or a media company? Or both?

Ready, set … debate.


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