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Bits: Daily Report: Live Video Is Where the Advertising Bucks Are


A depiction of what live streaming a Wimbledon event would look like on Twitter.

Online video — and especially live video — has become a promised land for a bevy of internet companies.

Live-streamed video brings an immediacy and a reason for people to keep coming back to a website. And it also provides valuable content with which marketers can place advertisements, typically for a heftier price than, say, an online display ad. That’s why Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, among others, are all rushing to strike deals to bring live-streamed events to their users.


For Twitter in particular, live-streamed events are crucial, Mike Isaac writes. Twitter has been struggling with how to turn itself into a mainstream service to attract more consumers and more advertisers. Many of its other efforts have not exactly moved the needle for the company.

So in recent months, Twitter has made series of deals with sports organizations like the National Football League to live-stream games and is in discussion with many others. The company is also in talks with Apple to bring the Twitter app to Apple TV, to broaden the reach of viewing the live-streamed events.

How well will it all work? The first test comes a month from now, when Twitter live-streams the N.F.L. game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets on Sept. 15.

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