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Zac Efron apologizes for ‘insensitive’ MLK Day post


Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 2:36 PM

Twitter users called this message “offensive,” “savage” and “embarrassing.”Zac Efron via Twitter

Twitter users called this message “offensive,” “savage” and “embarrassing.”

Two things have Zac Efron feeling warm and fuzzy this week: the legacy of a civil rights legend and his soaring Instagram follower count.

“I’m grateful for a couple things today: Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers on IG #MLKDay,” the “High School Musical” alum captioned a sultry shot Monday of himself mugging in a convertible at sunset.

He included two darker-toned icons from Apple’s new racially diverse emoji library, an index finger and a fist.

Twitter users immediately accused the “Dirty Grandpa” star of insensitively equating the late, great freedom fighter’s triumph with his own social media success, panning the tone-deaf tweet as “offensive,” “savage” and “embarrassing.”

“Maybe those should have been two separate posts?” asked one user.

“Dr. King did wasn’t murdered so you could use black emojis and troll for Instagram followers,” read a more scathing reply.

One critic sarcastically remarked that King’s death “was not in vain.”

“You are a piece of s—,” wrote another.

Amid the barrage of disapproval, several of Efron’s fans tried to draw the conversation back to a different source of national outrage: the actor’s conspicuous absence from a TV special marking the 10th anniversary of “High School Musical.”

“Yeah but what about the f—–g HSM reunion,” one person asked. Another sternly wrote, “You better be driving to the HSM reunion in this picture.”

Efron stars in "Dirty Grandpa" opposite Robert De Niro.VVS Films

Efron stars in “Dirty Grandpa” opposite Robert De Niro.

Efron, who played teen basketball star Troy Bolton in the hit 2006 Disney Channel movie, is tied up promoting “Dirty Grandpa” — but plans to record a message for the special, which airs Wednesday.

A rep for the actor has not yet replied to the Daily News’ request for comment.


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