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Your Dreams: Lauren Lawrence analyzes readers’ dreams

Lauren Lawrence


Sunday, November 15, 2015, 4:00 AM

Not being struck down by a shooting star gives the heavenly reassurance that redemption is at hand.istockphoto


I dreamed I was walking on a mountainous path when I heard a child bullying another child. I separated the two of them and spoke to the bully. Through talking, I understood his loneliness and isolation. I stood him beside me and held his hand as we looked at the sky covered with shooting stars. Not one had a trajectory towards Earth. When I saw this, I felt grateful and wanted to lie on the ground and watch the sky. What does this dream mean?

Christine E., Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Analysis: The mountainous path reveals the need to surmount and sort out personal difficulties. This is why you separate the good from the bad. A need to understand the forlorn perspective of the bully may be self-referential in intent. In this view, standing by him is an affirmative statement of support. Perhaps the need for justification is more compelling than the need to repudiate the bad deeds. Not being struck down by a shooting star gives the heavenly reassurance that redemption is at hand.


I dreamed I was catching a flight. Although the airport was filled with white light, I was afraid because this same flight crashed the year before and all the passengers died. Because there was no place to bury the bodies, the dead bodies were still on the plane. When my ex-love came in with a new ticket, I expressed my anxiety about the dead being here with us and asked if he was afraid the same thing might happen to us. He said no, but was bothered because I felt that way. Please decode this dream.

Mary M., Manhattan

Analysis: Your dream reveals conflicted thoughts over the rekindling of a former love relationship. The dead bodies in the plane are the dead weights of memories that cannot be forgotten. Because they are not buried or repressed, they are continually present. Even though the new ticket represents the wish to renew this failed love, what bothers you is the recognition that a new relationship with your ex would not last but rather suffer a similar death.

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